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Bikesharing in the Rhine-Neckar Area


Available 24/7

Rent bikes anytime in Mannheim, Heidelberg, Ludwigshafen, Bensheim, Speyer, Worms, Kaiserslautern and Bürstadt.



Rent up to four bikes at once on one account via app, station terminal or call our hotline.



Sign up and rent bikes in all nextbike cities worldwide.

Rent a bike with VRNnextbike

VRNnextbike is the public bikesharing system of the Rhine-Neckar Area.

The regional system includes the following cities:

As practical addition to busses and trains our bikes can be rented and returned in all cities within the system of VRNnextbike. Simply start your journey for example in Heidelberg and return your bike in Mannheim.


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Mobile apps for nextbike

Mobile apps for nextbike